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On Demand Hot Water Heaters

on demand hot water heaters

    water heaters
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    on demand
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Systems-Platinum LEED

Systems-Platinum LEED

The on demand hot water heater on the right uses pre-heated water from the tank. The system has the capacity to serve the entire home. Kyle says if all the hot water taps are open, pressure might go down, but not the temp. The tank's water is preheated by heat in the roof's ridge (when it is warmer than the incoming water, which in STL is most of the time) because pipes run along the ridge. All in all, a passive heating system that indirectly relies on the sunshine.

Utility Room

Utility Room

Utility area. Room for appliances, canned goods and houses On-Demand Hot water heater and Radiant heat and communication system.

on demand hot water heaters

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